Take 5 Form


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Take 5.  This form should be used prior to starting a task that doesn't have a SWMS / JSA in place.  Its purpose is to identify any hazards and list the controls that are needed to be put in place before you commence your task.


When to use:

  • If no SWMS / JSA in place like a new job / task;
  • When the SWMS / JSA are missing steps or sections;
  • Change in conditions (e.g. raining, extra people / work in your work area);
  • When you feel as though you need to assess the work risk e.g. start, middle or end of work;
  • When required by the site rules;
  • to evaluate work conditions prior

    Ask yourself:

    • What am I about to do?
    • What can go wrong?
    • What can I do to stop it going wrong?


    • The Take 5 (SLAM, STOP, whatever you call it) is a simplified process to check that risks and control measures are as expected;
    • Ensures personnel are aware of areas of risk;
    • Highlights areas for corrective action efforts;

    Ensure any concerns are brought to the Supervisors attention before starting the task.

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