SWMS 0013 - Precast concrete tilt panel


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A SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) covering the design, manufacture and installation of concrete tilt-up and precast panels. 

Content includes:

  • Design - panel itself for the in-situ application as part of the final structure, panel for lifting and other installation loads, design and location of footings and slab for the building or structure, layout of the panels during construction of the building or structure with temporary bracing installed.
  • Transport on site for unloading including rigging and slinging with specialised lift apparatus.
  • Storage of panels on site to prevent damage.
  • Installation - panel design, placement, footings, lifting designs / plans, temporary bracing, lifting from horizontal to vertical, rotating.

Lifting and install tilt-up panels casted off site including crane, installing anchors, braces, etc..

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