D-SA-100 Surface Exploration Drilling Guideline


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Exploration Drilling has traditionally been considered inherently a hazardous activity and which has the potential to cause significant injury to workers, damage to the environment and/or equipment.

The author of this guideline has written this document with the knowledge that every site the drill rig operator works at will have differing drilling standards and expectations. The drill rig companies’ owner and sites Health Safety and Environment (HSE) standards and procedures will take precedence over all and part of the guideline. However in saying this, this document will go a long way in assisting in formulating the basic industry guideline for drill rig standards, drilling standards, exploration drilling standards, mineral exploration drilling codes of practice, equipment standards, etc..

This document has been created as a contribution to the drilling industry and is not for resale in whole or in part thereof.

The author welcomes your comments/feedback/photo evidence, and if you would like to contribute any ideas regarding this guideline, please email the author using the contact form on this website.

Mackay Safety Consultants (a division of The Bullion Group) is available to audit your business to help achieve compliance with this guideline. For more information, contact (07) 4944 1272 or www.thebulliongroup.com.au.

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