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Download these documents for free!

The following documents have been made available for free and should be used in conjunction with any SWMS purchased.  The documents are as follows:

  • Risk Matrix. This matrix has been used to determine the risk score with respect to the activities undertaken in the SWMS.  If you are writing your own SWMS then this matrix should be used to determine the risk score.
  • Take 5.  This form should be used prior to starting any task.  Its purpose is to identify any hazards and list the controls that are needed to be put in place before you commence your task.
  • Toolbox Meeting Minutes.  This form should be used to record the minutes of your toolbox meetings.  It has different topics listed which act as a prompt for the chairperson.  Everyone in attendance at your toolbox meeting should sign the minutes and it should be filed with your job documentation.
  • SWMS - Plan and Mobilise.  This SWMS should be used to plan jobs (resources, equipment, tools, access, facilities, security etc) and mobilisation of personnel/equipment/facilities to the work site.
  • SWMS - Emergency Plan.  This SWMS should be used for all tasks.  Included with the SWMS is a form for you to draw an emergency evacuation plan for your work site.